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Feedback on Supplemental Questions

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Hey guys, I am in the process of applying as a transfer to a combined BS/MS program and they have some supplemental questions that needed to be answered.  I was wondering if you guys could review this and just let me know what you think as fellow PA-student hopefuls.


Any advice would be great.  Thanks guys!


  1. Why have you chosen the physician assistant profession over other healthcare professions? 

  2. Describe what makes you distinctly qualified to pursue the physician assistant professional degree at *** 

  3. Identify the methods you used to research the physician assistant profession.

  4. Provide examples of how you found the physician assistant profession to be different from other healthcare professions.



Though many people consider beginning a career in the physician assistant profession due to things such as convenience or money, the idea of being able to help many with a wider scope of practice in such a diverse capacity is the primary driving factors, personally.


During the search for a career many other options were appealing- ER physician, paramedic, tactical medic, but each of these options had their own limiting factors.  For ER Physician, it was a very literal limiting factor- the walls of the hospital; for the paramedic, it was an extremely limited scope of practice and role in patient care; tactical medic had its similar drawbacks to paramedics- along with the lack of an end-game that lead to financial stability to raise a family or an after-career opportunity other than physician assistant.  The physician assistant, however, in the Army may be sent outside of the base hospitals to tend for indigenous populations near the base on patrols or to take care of special operations forces on remote firebases where the Army may feel it is not necessary to send a doctor.  The profession gets these chances, along with the opportunity to be a part of the patient care team in a clinical setting.  The dynamics of the career, accompanied by an expanded scope of practice, and the potential for financial stability later in life will provided the best opportunity to take care of family, but also those who are not yet known, but will be in need of care.


An understanding of introductory concepts in the disciplines of EKG, and pharmacology accompanied by a strong clinical experience as an EMT with *** and a legitimate desire to help fellow man is what delivers the personal belief of qualification to the physician assisting program at ***.  During the time spent at ***, the opportunity was taken to participate in introductory courses in the sciences of Electrocardiography and Pharmacology- two major skills necessary for any medical career today- and also many other scientific disciplines such as chemistry, anatomy and physiology.  While some of these classes will need to be taken again due to university requirements, each class taken has provided a great foundation to build further knowledge off of regarding pharmacology, cardiology, chemistry and physiology.


During the search for a career, many different options were considered, but after attempting to secure my EMT-B license through the program at *** it was discovered that the medical care of humanity was the most joy found among other studies.  ***, the department head of the Emergency Medical Care program proved to be a wonderful resource regarding post-paramedic program careers and educational opportunities.  It was at this point that *** introduced me to the idea of being a PA.  Further reading followed online, specifically in the employment of PA's in the Army.  After learning more about their role from personal accounts, the career path of a PA was settled on.




Thanks for reading guys!

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