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Hi all. I've not looked for a forum regarding PAs until now. I'm not sure why, but I just submitted to CASPA for my first choice school. I will submit others with subsequent paychecks. 


I wasn't nervous until the very end, writing my personal statement. The inner reflection makes me feel vulnerable. 


Anywho, Hi. I'm Susan. I work at a rehab hospital with spinal cord injuries and I can thank our department director for pushing me here. When I first started this journey I thought I'd like to work in the NICU. However the good doctor has fueled a love of the nervous system that may never leave. 


I'm nervous about my original GPA as I'm an older student. My undergrad was only a 2.8, but my return to school GPA ten years later I was much  more serious.  My science and math since returning has been a 3.7-3.75 and I have been on the dean list every semester since.  I just know that 2.8 is going to pull my average down.


Well, it's nice to meet you all. Here's to landing an interview.

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I'm hoping working under one of the med school professors at my first choice school will be a boost in my favor.  He's actually the one that pushed me into this and (also our department director) with his "I think you should apply" statement, he offered up references.  He actually submitted his evaluation less than two hours after I sent it to him.

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