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Interview tips??

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I haven't interviewed at upstate but have had some interviews with this format. Just be very sure of the basic pa interview questions. Trust me, it's not good to wing these. I did in my first interview and ended up straying way off course, haha, it was a good learning experience. Make bullet points of key highlights that you want to get across and practice these over and over.

Have a firm grasp of your morals and how you would act if put into certain ethical dilemmas. There may be multiple right answers but you don't want to throw up any red flags, so try not to go off on a rant if you feel strongly about a subject.

Most of all, you want to become a pa, start acting like one, and think about how you would handle certain situations as if you are a pa. The MMI format is meant to throw you off your game. Just stay calm, think before you speak, and you'll do great. Remember, this is not a competition between you and the other interviewers, be genuine and show them the amazing person that you are.

Good luck!

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