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EM doc is a Flight Engineer on the ISS

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In a thread about telemedicine, RealityCheck said this:


If you are on the Space Station or in Antarctica then maybe telemedicine is all you got.



Funny enough, from now until December, the ISS has a Board-certified EM physician for one of its Flight Engineers, so the Expedition 44/45 crew has excellent care.




I was a tech in the ER where this steely-eyed missle man did his residency. He's a quality human, and a great doctor. Part of me kind of almost hopes Kjell has to crich someone in microgravity, because the odds have never been better for a good outcome.

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Well, yeah. I'm not saying I actually want anything bad to happen to any of the crew; it's just that if there had to be some kind of crazy crash procedure, now would be the time.


If I remember right, among the ongoing research is work into bone density loss, eyeball shape and vision, and a bunch of other physiology. The "Year in Space" that Cdr. Kelly and Test-Cosmonaut Kornienko are doing has a lot of low-gravity biophys stuff. http://www.nasa.gov/content/a-year-in-space/ Medicine is somehow even cooler 250 miles up.

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