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Otolaryngology/ENT PAs

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Hi there, 



I was wondering if any of you currently work as an (or very familiar with) ENT PA?

I'd like to know what is an ENT PA's scope of practice/daily duties, average salary, work schedule, OR/clinic time? life/work/leisure/family balance, what your SP expect of you, etc...



I have an up coming interview and wanted to have some inside knowledge. :)


P.S.  I read the ENT section already




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i have a friend in ENT but they basically use her a resident handling only inpatient with ocassional OR help but i general its to do inpatient work that is normally associated with residents during their schooling


makes sense for the practice but not so much for her imo. I think to be marketable you need clinical experience because thats where the money is generated 

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