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What are my chances?

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Hello! I am working on my CASPA right now, and I am just curious about how strong you all think my application is. 


I am a nursing student going into my senior years, and I have 2000 hours working as a pharmacy tech, 180 hours hands-on patient care as an intern, and about 250 hours working as a nursing extern on a surgical floor (where I will continue to work until I graduate). I have a 3.77 GPA, and I have references from 3 professors, a nurse and a surgeon. 


My only issue is that I'm not sure that all of my prerequisites line up. Here is what I have taken: 


Bio 1 + lab, 4 credits, B+

Micro Bio + lab, 4 credits, B

General Chem, no lab, 4 credits, B

Bioorganic chem + lab, 5 credits, B+

Human Anatomy, 2 credits, A

Human Physiology, 4 credits, A

Pathophysiology, 6 credits, A

Psychology, 6 credits, A

Writing, 3 credits, A

Stat, 3 credits, A-


I plan to take a human heredity class this fall to fulfill the genetics requirement. 


In addition, I have taken a lot of nursing classes. What concerns me is that I don't have a lab with general chem or with pathophysiology (I have been told this can count as bio 2). 

What do you think? 



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Generally, most programs will require a lab with Chemistry and some require you to take Chemistry II with Lab as well. I would recommend taking those Chemistry courses along with higher science courses and gaining more healthcare experience because a lot of programs won't accept pharmacy tech as "hands-on". Overall, your 3.77 GPA is competitive and you are on the right track.

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Have you looked at some program websites you are interested in potentially applying to? Look at their prerequisite requirements as this may help guide you in what classes you need to take so that you are right on track. When I applied, it was really helpful for me to make sure that I fulfilled all the requirements each program had that I was applying to. 

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Only thing I can think of is A+P labs, biochemistry, genetics and dev psych are sometimes "niche" requirements at some places.  You will need a lab with gen chem about anywhere.  Dont worry about patho.  Consider Organic Chem 1 and 2 with labs.  I see the Bioorganic chem but it is only 5 credits?  You will find many places will want 8 credits listed (the 3 credit class + 1 cr lab) for Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. 


Not saying don't research all your schools, but these are just "trends".

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