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  1. As healthcare continues to change, I am pleased to see our profession following suit!
  2. Good luck to all of the interviewees today and upcoming! Our class is looking forward to meeting and speaking with you all.
  3. Hey guys! First year is off to a great start and our class is excited to see and speak with all of you! We have our first midterm in 2 days so we're studying like crazy but thought I'd pop in. The application cycle is a long process. To those who have not heard anything yet, do not be discouraged or frightful. July is still early in the decisions process. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!
  4. As you've stated, your HCE is on the low side. A lot of programs don't consider Pharmacy Tech to be direct hands-on patient care experience but it is great to have that experience in addition to what you already have. All things considered, I'm certain you will receive interviews if you apply broadly and early. Your stats are solid overall. I'd steer clear of programs who value healthcare experience over all else.
  5. Hello everyone! I will be a first-year next month and want to wish you all the best of luck! I was in your shoes this time last year. Here is a rough timeline of my application process with UF: May 2015 - CASPA application and UF supplemental application submitted May 27, 2015 - Received e-mail verification that UF received application and payment June 29, 2015 - Received 1st e-mail from UF stating they have received my application materials August 8, 2015 - Received 2nd e-mail that UF has received all application materials & forwarded application to the Admissions Committee for initial review August 14, 2015 - Received e-mail that UF has forwarded my application for a second level round of review September 25, 2015 - Received the call from UF for an interview offer! October 5 & October 6, 2015 - 2 day interview process October 28, 2015 (2:57pm) - Received a phone call from UF with an acceptance offer! So as you can see, this process is a lot of hurry up and wait. From my understanding, your applications will go through an initial screening to first determine if you meet all requirements or are competitive and then will undergo a second level round of review to determine if you will receive an interview offer or not. I hope this helps but it's still EARLY in this year's cycle so relax as best you can and breathe as best you can. Feel free to ask anything that comes to mind. I also have a blog posted below where I detail the general CASPA application process to answer any questions applicants may have. Again, best of luck!
  6. I agree with all of the above. Your stats are great. Focus on crafting an impactful personal statement, acquiring 3-5 solid letters of recommendation from credible people who can attest to your capabilities, submit your applications EARLY and then knock the interview out of the park! You'll do fine.
  7. Your GRE score is fine. I wouldn't bother retaking the test. I would use the extra time to strengthen any other part of your application that may appear weak.
  8. As you've stated, some programs have their supplemental application link posted on their site. You can complete that at your leisure but it's good to submit your CASPA application first and foremost. Other programs will e-mail you their supplemental application to complete once they receive your CASPA application and usually have these instructions posted on their site as well. If there is no supplemental application posted on the program's site or mention of having a supplemental application e-mailed to you after receiving your CASPA application, there is no supplemental application required for the program.
  9. No problem! Applying early (By June at the latest) and broadly will be your best bet. September is entirely too late to submit. Wishing you the best of luck!
  10. Your healthcare experience is my personal point of concern. Some programs don't consider medical scribe as direct patient care and while volunteering is a good addition to have as experience, it shouldn't be your main source of experience. Paid healthcare experience is preferred by most programs. My personal opinion is that with the stats you provided, you're on the edge and whether you get accepted or denied somewhere is a 50/50 chance. If you're willing to spend the money to apply to schools who have a lower healthcare experience requirement, it's up to you. I would focus on crafting a solid personal statement and securing amazing letters of recommendation from either MDs, PAs, NPs, college professors or clinical manager. Best of luck!
  11. GatorChomp

    LOR Advice

    As long as the doctor is someone who can attest to your capabilities, there should be no issue in pursuing him for a letter of recommendation. He isn't related to you in anyway and his place of residence has no bearing on his ability to write you a letter. Best of luck.
  12. I wouldn't retake the GRE. Your HCE hours are the biggest concern but I'm sure you will be able to land some interviews depending on which programs you apply to. Best of luck!
  13. Both sides of the spectrum are justified in my opinion. Attending class because of a mandate does not really demonstrate commitment as much as one's ability to adhere to rules. Students may come to class but if they are only there for the simple fact that it is mandated, I don't see how they are demonstrating a commitment to learning or showing respect. They could be in class and not learn a single thing that day because they weren't committed to learning but committed to following the rules of mandatory attendance. Is the student who is forced to attend class more committed and dedicated to medicine than the student who misses class to study and presents a list of thought provoking questions to a lecturer one-on-one during their office hours? On the other hand, mandatory attendance is implemented to ensure students attend class and prevent every possible chance of attrition and/or remediation. The goal of the program is to not only make sure its students learn the material, but to make sure they graduate and pass the PANCE in order to remain accredited and sustain its attractiveness to future students. Mandatory attendance is a helpful measure to employ because it makes sure students are in class each and every day whether they want to be there or not. Attending class every single day whether it's mandated or not develops discipline that an individual may need one day in the workforce as a certified PA. I don't really agree or disagree with either argument as each program has its own set of rules for a reason.
  14. Complete and submit your CASPA application as soon as possible. The application cycle opens next week. I recommend May if you're really trying to be early but June is still considered early as well. Anything past June is usually peak season meaning the majority of candidates are submitting around this time. Most programs operate on a rolling admissions basis meaning they review and accept candidates as their applications come in to them. The earlier you submit, the less competition you are facing and the more seats the program has to offer. Good luck!
  15. Secondary, or supplemental, applications are submitted after you electronically submit your initial CASPA application. Once submitted, the program reviews your materials and will notify you of an interview offer or rejection. After the interview, if you receive an acceptance, PA school generally starts the following year. Example: CASPA opens - April 2016 Submit CASPA application/supplemental applications - May 2016 Interview - August 2016 Acceptance offer - September 2016 Program starts - January 2017 or Summer 2017 (depending on the program)
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