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I typed my personal statement on microsoft word before copying and pasting into the application text box. All of my lines were aligned to the left side with the double return between paragraphs. I pasted into the text box and read over it numerous times to make sure everything pasted correctly. Everything looked great. I saved it and continued on. After I e-submitted my application I looked at the PDF files that the schools receive. I noticed that on that  PDF document the first line of each paragraph is aligned on the left, but the remaining lines of each paragraph appear to be indented one space. I went back and checked my application and it shows everything aligned to the left. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm extremely worried some schools may look at that bad formatting and disqualify me based on that. I e-mailed CASPA, but they are of course off tomorrow for the holiday weekend. I'm extremely nervous. I've worked hard and would hate to get turned down over something like this.

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