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VA Locum Tenens

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Has anyone done the VA Locum Tenens program?  What did you think of it?


From the recruiter's info, you need to make a 2 year commitment.  Placements are 3 months and you need to do at least 2/year (so 6 months).  You get federal benefits for that level of commitment.  They pay your expenses (obviously).   Seems like it could be an interesting fit for the right person.


NOW, I'm actually doing a residency at the VA now, so I know the pros and cons of this setting.  I do think if you *want* to do locums then knowing the EMR and how the "system" works would be nice as you go from place to place.  There are a lot of VA locations and although there are no listings to show you where they are placing people right now, the recruiter told said there are 150 spots right now and that's always changing...




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