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Public Health experience? What should I list this as in experiences?

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I realize this may be an obvious question, but I've worked in Public Health surrounding HIV outreach, NIH work, etc. for over 2 1/2 years and I would love to include it, but I wanted to know if this was considered "health care" experience. It directly related to infectious disease, HIV, STIs, etc. but included large components of outreach and dissemination of material. Included is my CV explaination of tasks:

• Compiles, enters, and maintains data for annual National Institute of Health’s Annual Competitive Renewal report for the UNC Center for AIDS Research.

• Designs, organizes, and implements community based projects and events. • Manages and further develops the CFAR HIV Myth Buster website and CODE Office Website.

• Utilized social media resources (Facebook, Twitter) to assist in implementing the CFAR HIV Myth Buster new media campaign.

• Provides leadership in community relationship building and networking events.

• Implements, designs, and develops new CODE office prevention and education materials. • Develops new CODE office outreach endeavors.

• Assists in the dissemination of research findings through new media venues, including monthly podcasts.

• Manages the iTunes University account for the UNC Center for AIDS Research.


Next question, I also worked as a Sexual Health Educator at my university, which involved patient consultation, STI testing, HIV testing, forms of counseling on new infections, safer sex education one on one and at events, etc. I would personally consider this Patient Care experience but that may be a reach.


Any suggestions would be great! Thank you!

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If you provided care for/ actually put your hands on a patient to give them medical care for their benefit, it is PCE. If it was to produce numbers/ data it was research. Otherwise it's HCE. If you have to wonder if it was PCE, it likely wasn't. Teaching and counseling is HCE, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (I have a mix of both myself, and feel it gives a breadth I may otherwise not have). 


If you didn't get paid for it, and it had nothing to do with healthcare, it was volunteer. If you didn't get paid for it, and it involved healthcare, it was either HCE or PCE.


Best of luck to you.

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