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2015-16 Cycle App with 1 Pending Prereq

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I wanted to ask if any of you are planning to apply or have applied with one prerequisite pending.

I read from the booklet that all courses must be complete at the time of application but I also read this: "However, applicants who have completed all but one course and are enrolled in the last course for the fall semester can be considered."

My pending course is Med Terminology. I took the 1-credit course years ago (passed with an A) and I'm now enrolled in the 3-credit course which starts in May 18th and ends in July 12th. 

It would probably be too late to finalize my application in mid-July. I would rather do it in late-May, of course if my application doesn't get rejected immediately due to the pending course.

I haven't gotten a response yet from their admissions officer so I thought I would ask here.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi! I applied with 1 pending and I was accepted :) As long as your application is strong you won't have any issues. I hadn't finished the pending course before they emailed me to fill out a supplemental application and then invited me to an interview. 

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