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  1. I have been an RD for 7 years and am graduating from PA school this summer. I want a PA career that I can utilize some of my RD skills. I felt general surgery was an area that made sense given all of the TPN/TF those pts require. Another was pediatrics but not sure I want to only treat children. Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  2. I am in virtually the same boat as MainerRD12. I was an RD for 5 yrs and most of my class has the same experience as described above. I think my experience helps me greatly but most PA schools will not even look at you with a science GPA <3.0... I would get that up and I would also try to get a PA or physician write one of your recommendations. I had 1 of our surgical PAs, my RD director, and the medical director at my hospital (an MD) write mine and I got in first round. My science GPA was 3.9 and I can tell you I am working my butt off just to get a B in PA school Anatomy right now...
  3. Hi! I applied with 1 pending and I was accepted :) As long as your application is strong you won't have any issues. I hadn't finished the pending course before they emailed me to fill out a supplemental application and then invited me to an interview.
  4. They pair the 1st yr students with a 2nd year student as a mentor.
  5. Undergrad Ed School: North Dakota State University Cumulative Undergraduate GPA: 3.72 Science Undergraduate GPA: 3.97 Post-Bac Prerequisites GPA: 4.0 Graduate GPA: 3.85 Degree: BS in Dietetics/Nutrition, Minor Health Education Age at application time: 27 1st GRE: 150V, 151Q, writing 4 Direct Patient Care: (type & hours): 9,160 and counting as a clinical dietitian Health Care Shadowing: 16 hrs PA-C Other Health Care Experience: ICU volunteer NICU volunteer Various food service/nutrition positions in hospitals Extracurricular/Research Activities: N/A Schools Applied: Towson/CCBC
  6. They will give you a general topic and ask you to complete a response of your opinion on the topic. Basically they are looking for grammar, sentence structure, spelling etc... It's nothing you need to study for and likely won't ask you anything you don't know about. You have like 20 minutes to read the topic and write your essay. I think mine was 3 or 4 short paragraphs.
  7. You need all 3 recs on file and i wouldn't worry about the writing portion. They just want to know about grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.
  8. Thanks everyone! It helps to know others have gone through this and there are so many resources.
  9. Thanks guys! I developed hypoparathyroidism after total thyroidectomy and am starting a PTH injectable trial with NIH because my calcium levels are always low even while taking 7-8 pills of caco3 vit d hctz and calcitriol daily. If i miss pills i will get paresthesia, tetany, and perioral numbness. Obviously if i dont treat at that point i need IV ca gluconate asap. I'm anxious I might be in a situation where i am so busy I'm neglecting my care. You guys made me feel so much better!
  10. Make sure you can speak to why you want to be a PA specifically and not an MD or NP. They want to know that and dont want to waste time on people who will go on to med school anyway.
  11. I am starting PA school next summer however I'm concerned about staying healthy while I am in school. I have been through a lot medically over the past year and I have to take pills 4 times daily at specific times, some with food and some without food. If I slack in this area I could possibly end up hospitalized again which obviously cannot happen. I have specialist appointments every 3 months at Johns Hopkins which I cannot control the time or day of but must show up to. Has anyone that is in a program or was in a program been able to manage health issues in a healthy manner and was the progr
  12. I agree with everything Paa said above. I was nervous at the interview buy its not situational questions at all its really asking why you want to be a PA and why you are interested in their program. Remember your grades and experience got you an interview so be confident (but not cocky).
  13. I thought they said it didnt apply to Maryland?? Doed anyone have a link stating this?
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