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First PA job...am I being picky?

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So, I've had some interviews so far. The job market here in NYC seems pretty tight, though there are a lot of positions, interviews are still scarce. The first job I was interviewed for was HEM/ONC, which is very depressing for me, and besides they never called me back. The second job was for a M-F,9-7/8 job doing basically just trigger point injections.


This third interview is at a pretty good place, general medicine family clinic, but they want me there 9-6, 5 days a week, with every other Saturday (thus half the month six days a week, 198 work hours a month).


Now I'm trying to weigh this. I was optimally looking for a 12x3, 12x4 or 8x5 job, as I have a life and responsibilities outside work, (as well I want to enjoy the beautiful summer--spent the last two locked in PA school!). This job far exceeds those hours and is at the outer lmits of what I think I can tolerate hour-wise, leaving me very little personal time. I don't know yet what the pay is, I am going back tomorrow for a second interview.


Am I being too picky, for a first job? Granted, jobs are hard to come by, but I also know my personal limitations...and a bit scared of six-day all-day work weeks. but want to hear what your opinions are. If I do give it a shot and take it, how much should they be paying me for a 5.5 day work week? Like, both hourly and fixed what would be reasonable? Thanks for the advice.

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Looks like another casualty of the expectations of having a guaranteed part-time job after graduation. NYC is a competitive job market, and we are in the largest recession post depression, and you are still looking for that perfect part-time job? Good luck finding it....

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first jobs are tough


most important thing is supervision and teachihng/learning


second most important thing (that can trump#1) is getting a paycheck


Third thing is liking it....



tough spot - too many hours will make you short time, but you are likely short time anyways as people that hire new grads want to get lots of hours and not pay much so you end up moving on anyways. If they are willing to train you might consider a one year position - get in writing that you will get a one year review and at that time you can go to a four day work week (or look for another job if they are not flexible)


I have found that the only way to move up large amounts in pay is to change jobs - current employers just don't get the fact that if you are getting underpaid they need to raise your pay instead of loosing you - they sort of get comfortable making lots of money off you and don't want to give that up.


let us know what you decide....


If you come north to western MA (county living) there is a ton-o-jobs in the local hospital system (PM me for more info...)

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