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Health Related Certifications

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Hey Guys,


In the Health Related Certification section I am trying to figure out if I should list my EMT training. I took EMT Basic training at a vocational school but did not take the NREMT Exam.  It seems that a school can issue a certificate so i'm guessing I should add it. Clearly it would help for the AdComs to know that I have the training but I don't want to appear as though I am claiming NREMT certification when I am not. What is CASPAs interpretation of a Certification? Thoughts?

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I don't know if I can help but I listed my certification that I received to work in the Emergency Department... CPR, Phlebotomy, and Orthopedic Splinting/Device.


I asked my nurse educator about listing Phlebotomy because I was in the same boat... I had to become "certified" to draw blood through my hospital but I didn't get an associate degree in Phlebotomy or anything like people who work at ACM receive. My nurse educator told me I should still list it as a certification because I did have to go through training and the certification can transfer to other hospitals in the area.


I'm not sure if that helps you but I think you could list EMT Basic Training because you are trained and it's something not everybody can claim. If there are questions, it might be asked in an interview but otherwise I think it's okay to list. Just my opinion!

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