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Looking for shadowing opportunities with PA

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Hello PA! 
Please, give me a hand. I am currently looking for shadowing opportunities with Physician Assistant in state of Georgia.


I would like to introduce myself. I was born and raised in Russia. Came to Atlanta, Georgia in 2005. 

My degree as PA is not valid in USA. I had to start from zero. All other again. Because, I do not see myself to do different profession.

I am flexible and adaptable to changing. My friends describe me as a motivated, dedicated, and successful person. Also as the "go-to" person to get things done. As example: back in 2005, I was able to read, and understand, but couldn't actually speak good English. I started working as CNA at the best nursing home in GA. It's has a good reputation, good rated facility. I was keep studied English at church, at college, at work. Then my English skills improved I choose to become LPN. Graduated in December 2009. I was keeping working in the same place through nursing school.

I keep moving forward. At this time, I am taking core classes for program. My GPA 3.5 

Any advice and/or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

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