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EM contract, Thoughts?

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I am currently reviewing a contract offer they sent me, and I was hoping I could have your input on both the quality of this offer. This would be my first EM job, I would be relocating from South Florida, to a completely unknown area. They state they are willing to train. I have a good background in surgery and EM.


Offer outline:


Location: Georgia

Postion = Triage, Fast Track, Main ED

Term = 1 year

Hourly rate = $60.00

Hours= Minimum 100 hours / month , must work 128 hrs to maintain benefits, May schedule as many as you like, no overtime.

Bonus: Stated over the phone that bonus of $3 - $5/hr depending on what the rate of patients that leave without being seen is. (Lower the percentage higher hourly bonus, need clarification in contract regarding this as its is not in print)

PTO = None

CME = $1000

Licensing = $500

Med/Dent = Covered 100%, eligible after 90 days

Malpractice = Covered 100%

Retirement = 401K with 5% match after 1 year

On-Call = None
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must work 128 hrs to maintain benefits, 



So, if you don't work 128 on a given month, do you lose benefits?


is it 1536 hours(128*12) needed over a year to maintain benefits?


If the former, it'd be hard to take vacation and get the 128 hours to maintain benefits.

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