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Pay for taking first call

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Hey all, Currently where I work in Neurosurgery, my PA/NP colleagues and I take first call 24/7. All pages for neurosurgery go straight to us; so ER/floor consults and admits, ICU/floor calls, patient calls etc. We are trying to negotiate our call pay, and the only data I have found so far is the AAPA salary report (I think 11/hr for availability, 56/hr for events). Our friendly administrators have asked for additional information/data. Any PAs taking first call who are willing to share their reimbursement? Feel free to PM me. I'm particularly interested in neurosurgery, but anything is helpful.


Currently we are paid 100/weekday night (begin at 5pm, end at 8am; no post call time) The day hours are covered by the PA/NP assigned to the hospital service that day. 200/weekend night + 2 post call days to make up for Saturday/Sunday (so 600/weekend plus we do the majority of the daily rounds). Call is not reflected in our salary. At most I have to call my attending 2-3/night to alert them about new admits/consults or review a film, but often not at all. I only ask them in to come in when there is emergent surgery.


Any information would be great, anecdotal or research.




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for just phone coverage - 25% of a days pay


if required to come in for rounding or cases - should be big $$$ as you are having billable events occurring and the doc's quality of life suffers if they have to do it all


I would say either a % of collection or $1000/day - yup $2000 per weekend.....


don't let them abuse and use the PAs for call coverage

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