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What are my chances?

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I know there are a million threads about everyone's stats, and I'm sure I've read them all, but I'd like an informed opinion about my chances.


24y/o male, 2nd attempt


Last cycle, I applied to 4 Ohio schools and wasn't offered ANY interviews.


Current stats:


BS in pre-med, minor in psych

Overall GPA 3.36, sGPA ~3.1 (C in micro, which I already retook; C+ in ochem 2, otherwise A's and B's in science courses)

Post-bacc: 6 credits, ~3.5(?)

currently enrolled in 2 health sciences courses (w/ no outstanding pre-reqs)


GRE: 160V, 161Q, 3.5AW (I know, not a great writing score.)



I am currently working as a nursing assistant (full-time) and a medical scribe (part time)

~2000 hours as a med/surg nursing assistant

~600 hours medical scribe in level 1 trauma center

-currently starting a new job as a full-time ED tech; quitting med/surg, continuing to work as a scribe as well


-various volunteering/shadowing


I feel confident about the strength of my LORs, both last cycle and this time around as well. Current plan is to continue working both jobs and take online courses this summer. I know my GPA isn't strong, but aside from starting over with pre-reqs, I don't feel like a few classes here and there will change much.


Any advice? Please help!

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1. Apply to more schools and outside of Ohio as well. Four was too few with your stats.


2. Double check your PS, pass it around to advisors, coworkers, friends, etc. Get feedback & rewrite if needed/applying to same schools. Make it shine.


3. Good luck



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Your grades should have put you into the "consider" range at your schools and your experience isn't bad. I think you could have an issue with recommendations and/or your personal statement.


Also you might come across as a premed who didn't get into med school and is trying an alternate approach. People generally don't say that they majored in pre-med and minored in psych. You got your degree in a subject (psych) and you also took the premed requirements.

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To clarify, I applied to so few schools last time around because I had a few outstanding pre-reqs. I was planning on applying to 10-12 schools this time and broadening my options outside of ohio. As for my major, the university I attended unfortunately has a major called "pre-medicine" which they used as anything pre-medical, rather than just for med school. I know most applicants majored in bio, chem, etc. but my actual major is "pre-med." As far as my current plan of work and classes, do you think there is more I could/should be doing to improve my stats?

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