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Does this school fit me??

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Hello, I am a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and am planning to become a PA but do not know which of the 5 schools (I don't plan on going to Malcom X) would best fit my personality and my learning style.


In terms of how I would like the learning style to be:


- not too fast paced or hard to keep up in where I will feel drained and very stressed out. I have anxiety disorder so I'm trying to find a school where the class and assignment schedule is balanced and not hard enough where I will be ripping my hair out.


-for there to be opportunities to practice what I learn in an interactive setting, whether it be computer-based or face-to-face interaction with my peers and teachers.


--I would also like the school to have ample resources to where I can get help needed for something and that will allow me to be successful 


Again, for me one of the most important points is for the curriculum to not be so fast-paced, overwhelming since I have anxiety disorder and easily get stressed out.


Thank you! 

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I am sorry about your anxiety...however, one thing i want to say, PA school is so fast paced, so stressful, that it is impossible to go at an OK speed and expect to succeed. I highly doubt, but again, i am no expert by any means, that you can find a school that will be easy going and seem like a walk in the park. While meds might not be the best answer for anxiety, people certainly use them and i hava friends who do it.

I am half way through didactic year, and i cannot way for this "piece of paradise" to be over.

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