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Preparing for a Physician Assistant Program

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Maybe someone can help me. I know this is crazy but I work in a ER as a tech and I am just getting started working on classes to earn my bachelors to attend a PA school. I had some set backs due to medical problems in the past that are now taken care of. I have always struggled when it comes to certain areas of science such as Chemistry. Are there any places anyone would recommend to help me, In this area. any input would be appreciated.

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Don't be too worried if you find one class particularly tough. OChem and Biochem are notorious for chewing students out, whether in undergrad, med school, or PA school.


These ridiculously simple books are very good resources. Here are two some of my classmates used:





The pharmacology book is very nice to have as well, to help you understand the very abstract world of chemistry. You don't need to ace these classes either. You just need to pass them at PA school.

From what I recall as well, each PA program requires only certain chemistry courses for their pre-reqs. Check the ones you plan to apply to. There's no need to beat yourself up taking OChem/Biochem if they're not required prerequisites. 

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