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Senior thesis

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The most important thing is to do something you are genuinely interested in and enjoy working with. For example, you may be fascinated by nosocomial infections, but can you really see yourself pouring over data? Think about it, this is a project you will be obsessing over for the greater part of your senior year. It's got to be something you love and have a passion for. 


My senior thesis explored weight gain in college freshmen. I followed 30 college freshmen at my u-grad for two full semesters, analyzing their habits on campus as related to weight gain. They were weighed at the end of each semester (baseline when they arrived at the school) and I analyzed their weight gain and change in BMI and tried to correlate it with behavior. It was a lot of work, but it was a topic that I genuinely enjoyed and a problem that I had a passion for. This only helped when it came time to interview, as not only could I talk about the topic intelligently and explain my results to my interviewers, but they could see that I had a passion for the topic. 



Casing point: do something that you will genuinely get a meaningful experience out of! It doesn't necessarily have to be related to medicine or public health.


Good luck!

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