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This is actually a question for anyone in NC...

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Well Caspa OPENS around April 17th.


I have been accepted for a school, but lets metaphorically say I was not accepted.

CASPA opened April 17th 2013, I slaved at my application for about a month and a half and submitted June 6th.  It was verified and sent to the schools I applied to June 21st.  Now if I did NOT get accepted, ALL OF MY APPLICATION material on the CASPA website would be erased, and I would be forced to start a new account.  SO 92% of all schools end their interview acceptance cycle by April of the following year.

Some schools have a longer cycle - Eastern virginia medical school, MCPHS, and Albany medical college have a funky system.

SO if you wanted to go to any of those schools ( i applied to EVMS )  I applied and submitted my application like I said in June of 2013 but you would not start school until January of 2015.


So most schools have a one year cycle.  It opens in April, they invited people to interview between june and december, Most decisions are made by march or April of the next year.  THEN the whole process starts again.  Good luck

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