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Official dermatology offer... help with negotiating

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I received my official offer for derm! I am very excited to get into the field, but I want to make sure I negotiate a good contract. As it stands, definite changes need to be made. Any input is greatly appreciated.


65k base salary with incentive bonus to be paid monthly with % as follows

320k 10%

440k 12.5%

480k 15%


4 days per week (8 hr days)

1500 CME no limit on days

only professional fees covered are AAD, and "dermatology PA fees"

malpractice claims made no tail covered

health ins covered

9 days holiday pay

1st year 10 days PTO then years 1-5 = 20 days PTO

renegotiation and re-eval at 6 months

3 year contract states I can not terminate, if I do there is a 25k buyout

noncomepete 3 years and 50 miles


Personally, 3 years, buyout, and noncompete are a NO GO/ NO DEAL if that isn't changed, but I need help please. How should this be changed to be more reasonable? I think all professional fees should be covered, 2500 CME, 15 days PTO 1st year, 1 year contract, 75k base are more acceptable.

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There are not a lot of derm PAs on here. Are you an SDPA member? If not, you should join and post it on the sdpa forum.


FWIW, I agree that you should ask for what you want ( salary etc) 65K is low and in your first year if you are new to derm you may not bring in more than 300k so low bonus. As a seasoned Derm PA I make 40% of collections only, no benefits, if you are curious! 

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65k base salary definitely seems too low and I'm not sure how attainable those bonus numbers are. For your first year, I would ask for a much higher base salary with lower incentive bonus percentages seeing that it is your first year in derm and may not have really high collections. That way you know that you are guaranteed a solid income for the first year. Renegotiate after the first year and push for higher % incentive bonus coupled with a lower base salary. By year two, you will have higher collections and this will likely be a more beneficial structure for you.


I'll be curious to see what you are able to get the base salary up to. Please let us know how the negotiations go today!


Best of luck!

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