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What are my chances?

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Hi guys. Hope all is well, thanks for reading.

I'm a new grad RN. Right from the second semester of the nursing program I saw nursing wasn't for me. But I am very headstrong and stuck it out. Now that I am working I am positive this is not the career choice for me. 

So here are my stats so far. Any opinions would help me a lot.

Undergrad Ed School: Miami Dade College, AA in Pre-Nursing/A.S. in Nursing
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.4 (I have to redo a course from a while back--then it should be 3.6 I think?)
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.9

Direct Patient Care : (type & hours)

PCT/Unit Secretary 1 year
Surgical Step-Down/Telemetry Registered Nurse May 2013-Currently working here

Shadowing: I should have at least 50 hrs by the deadline. I'm shadowing a PA and his SP.

Do you think my app is complete enough? I know many of those applying have many years of experience in the healthcare field. I would like to get in contact with any alumni to ask questions about the program itself such as clinical placements, how prepared you felt for the PANCE, etc.


Thank you & good luck to those applying!

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I suggest you shadow the P.A. and dont waste your time shadowing a doctor. You want to be a P.A. not a doctor, your RN status can either help you or hurt you. Because if you became an RN why not become an ARNP, instead of a P.A. thats what they'll be thinking in their mind. The Masters is done thru Nova, so once you get your A.S. in PA and pass your PANCE you can get the bachealors at Dade and do a cross over to Nova which is already approved to get the M.S. or FIU which has a PA program starting 2015. As to your GPA everything looks good, get a very highscore on the test, and get a very highscore on the interview and your in reguardless of GPA, Past Degrees, etc...

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