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What to do on possible year off?

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Hi guys,


I am looking for ways to make myself more competitive for possible re- application next year ( I didnt get rejected but if at all interested in why ill put it at the bottom)


Anyway my question is whether to retake classes at a comm college or to go through a 1 year public health program at a 4 year university (UAMS).

There were a few classes which I did poorly in but none of them are prerequisites. My total gpa took hits from four years of french and business electives which

is a real shame for me.


So in my shoes would you retake non science classes to boost gpa or take higher level bio classes, or maybe a little of both?


I am asking this because after submitting my CASPA my undergrad gpa (3.3 total, 3.65 science) somehow fell to a 2.85 total and a 3.1 science.

Although I have excellent letters of rec, personal statement and 5000+ hours as a ER scribe, EMT and phlebotomist, unforutnately

I am preparing for the worst as at least one of the schools applied to requires a 3.0 total and the other strongly reccomends it.


Not counting myself out this year, just getting prepared in case.


Ps. Sorry if I broke any forum rules! First time posting although ive been using this forum for quite some time.

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I would take the higher level bio classes. Not only would it boost your science GPA (hopefully) but it will help you in PA school and give you a stronger science background. From what you are saying, I think you believe that your GPA is the weakest portion of your application. If everything else is great, then that is what I would work on. I hope the schools you applied to value HCE more than GPA, if that's how you feel.


Your case is opposite of mine. My GPA is fine, but in my year off from school I will be gaining HCE and hopefully updating as I go. I wouldn't think the worst just yet. It's still early in the cycle and from what you've aside, your app sounds decently competitive.

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In my opinion my gpa is the weak link. My gre is competitive as well I believe, 159 verbal and 151 quant which comes out to a 1240 on the old scale. Just hope I didn't shoot myself in the foot with that gpa. My new plan might be to retake two or three classes the end of this year then take some upper levels in the spring and summer semesters.


Well good luck to you. Hope for the best!

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Sorry for the edit, completely misread what you posted...


One way or another, you are going to have to show that these courses that caused a drop were an aberration and not a pattern. While it's "just" business or french, it still doesn't look good because in a PA program you're in an academic sprint. You have to show that you can handle the workload and on paper those low grades may lead them to a different conclusion.


As to what to take, I'd go for more science or a mix. The important thing is to keep the grades consistent, so that this drop looks like the minor bump in the road that it probably is and not a harbinger of what is to come.

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Thank you all for input.


I have a new question. One of the schools contacted me and told me they were interested in setting up an interview but that I have to write an appeal for my gpa.


Has anyone had any experience with this? They did not tell me any preference on length or format so im a bit unsure how I should go about writing it.


Thank you again.

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