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Is a hybrid microbiology class (with LAB) a bad idea for a pre-requisite?

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I want to take a hybrid class for a PA pre-req. Is a hybrid microbiology class (with LAB) a bad idea for a pre-requisite? I found a teacher who has a hybrid microbiology class that I really want to take. The alternative is a "regular" class with a teacher that I really dont want to take.


The hybrid class does meet in person, not as much as a regular class, and it has an online component. I have emailed some PA admissions to inquire about this but oddly have not received any replies. I know "online courses" are a bad idea, most PA schools probably wont accept them, especially if they require a lab.


I did find at least one PA school that says "no online or hybrids allowed"





(from their website)

The following courses must be completed before admission into the program: (Online or Hybrid courses are not accepted with the exception of the statistics course.)


  • A Bachelor's degree
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology, a complete sequence (including labs; 8 semester hours)
  • Microbiology, at the pre-med level/appropriate as a first-level requirement for a Microbiology major (including lab; 4 semester hours)
  • General Chemistry, a complete sequence geared toward science majors/appropriate as a first-level course for a Chemistry major (including labs; 8 semester hours)
  • Organic Chemistry (including labs; 4 semester hours)
  • Statistics, including statistical tests and analysis (3 semester hours)


I really need to get this resolved since classes begin this week. Thanks for any help!

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