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Just found these forums, and they seem great. Want to gather some opinions about a job opportunity as a new grad.


My offer:


45 hrs/wk

20-30 pt/day

3 yr contract

10 mile no-compete clause for two years after end of employment


$2,500 sign-on bonus

$80,000 base salary

25% collections over $350K


10 business days PTO (not including hollidays recognized by employer)

5 business days for CME

$750 CME allowance

Health insurance (they cover half of the monthly premium, but I'm not sure how much this is)


No tail coverage

No short- or long-term disability

No DEA, licenses, or professional memberships covered

Will be reimbursed for claims-based malpractice insurance ($1M occurrence/$3M aggregate)




Are malpractice insurance premiums paid monthly or all at once?

Depending how it's paid, will my employer's "reimbursement" come monthly (factored into my paycheck) or in one lump sum?

Are all insurances created equal? Any suggestions on who to go through?

The AAPA premium was like $4,000 for what I had to carry, but is this a little or a lot?

Does the sign-on bonus come as a check upfront as soon as I sign the contract, or is it paid over the year?

For those who have had this type of bonus, how did it work out?

When do I get tail coverage being that this is my first gig? Is it only after I leave? What are some average rates of premium? How long do I pay? Indefinitely? What are some good companies to go through?

Does CME allowance include travel and lodging expenses, or is it just the cost of the course(s)?

What can I honestly expect my collections to be year one?


My counter:


$4,000 sign-on/relocation bonus

$88,000 base salary

10% collections over $250K


$1,500 allowance for CME

$1,000 allowance for DEA, state license and professional memberships (Although I'm thinking I'd just eat these expenses due to asking for a higher base salary. Thoughts?)


Does this sound good or did I change too much? Also, there is no mention of anything regarding "giving notice." Is that because once I sign this thing "I'm theirs" for three years? Thanks for input and helping out with the questions! Sorry there are so many but I can't tell you how much help you'd be providing!

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most places pay 100% of the insurance premium.

they should also pay your dea and state license.

$750 cme is insulting. I got more than that at my first job almost 20 yrs ago.

is this practice within 10 miles of anywhere you would ever want to work?

3 yr contract sounds dicey, ask for 1 with option to renew.

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