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Hi folks,


Got this idea from a friend that attended Stanford's PA program. They created a Facebook page and used it as a resource for everything. Books, rental properties, carpools, study updates, etc. With most everyone having a smart phone and getting live Facebook updates, it's a great resource. I took the liberty of creating one and made it an open group. You should just be able to "request" to be added and I can add you. If that doesn't work, PM me your Facebook info and I will friend you (through an alternate account) and add you to the group that way.


The name of the FB Group: UT-HSC Physician Assistant Student Page

Congratulations again to everyone and looking forward to sharing a beer or twelve in the near future.



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Now that I have a keyboard, I'll expand on it. Basically, this is what Chandra told me:


1 - We write a simple email saying that we are accepting the invitation.

2 - She compiles a couple of them and sends it over to Admissions.

3 - They do their inputting and get info back to her.

4 - She'll then contact us with everything per the e-mail/acceptance letter.

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