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Worth a shot?

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I have been reading, researching, and taking in all the information these forums have to offer for the past couple of months. I have aspirations to attend PA school, but am not sure if my credentials are worthy of being accepted into a program, given the obscenely competitive nature.


4 years Active Army as a combat medic with a tour to Iraq, assigned to an infantry/tank battalion. During the first year I was assigned to Walter Reed Army Medical Center where I worked for a WOCN.

2 years Army National Guard, where I was both a platoon sergeant and senior medic.


After leaving the army I attended Texas Tech University. BBA in Finance and Economics, Summa Cum Laude, 3.95 GPA.

After leaving school I worked as a commercial loan underwriter for a year and in February will have been working for one of the world's largest oil field services companies for 2 years as a field operations professional.

I plan on leaving the company sometime next year to fulfill my pre-req requirements (essentially all of the sciences). I have also yet to take the GRE as well. With my plan, I should have my pre-reqs completed in a year and a half.


Given all of this, I am contemplating an EMT-B cert and attempting to find part time work as an er tech or med asst while knocking out the pre-reqs, due to the amount of time away from anything medical (it will be 4 years in April), or volunteering at a hospital/clinic.


So, any insight into my competitiveness at this point would be appreciated, as well as any thoughts on gaining additional HCE would be greatly appreciated as well.

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I guess I don't see a problem with your being competitive. You need to take prereqs of course, but you could do that part-time or full-time. Your experience should be fine, though you might want even some volunteer EMT experience just to keep your hand in. You might be able to challenge the NREMT exam based on your military experience, but I don't know that for a fact.


Good luck!

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How long ago did you let it expire. I think if its been 2 years you have to start from scratch. Either way if you google accelerated classes for ________ you'll find some out there. I did a 4 week class in California called CIEMT for my EMT-B. There is a 2 week class I opted to not take because the cost in Fremont CA.


I took a 4 week phlebotomy course at UCI medical center


I also took a 3 weekend EKG Tech course at Regan Career Institute in Monteray Park.


So just look around and you'll find them.

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