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I know that Medex does not have a required GPA for their BCHS program, but do they still look at your overall GPA during the application process.


My reason for asking is that my current overall GPA is on the low side of 2.8 (my last 60 hours I have a 3.5 GPA). But I have extensive HCE, about 22000 hours, as a CNA, EMT, EMT-I, and paramedic mostly in a busy trauma center or a busy 911 EMS service. I am going to take upper level Human Anatomy and Human Physiology (although still undergrad class) since it has been over 7 years since A&P. I am taking the upper level because I feel it will show how I have improved in my maturity and study habits since A&P. I had to retake A&P d/t poor grades and lack of concentration on my part in my first years out of high school. Other than that I have every other requirement for Medex BCHS program.


Do I need to retake classes to improve my GPA or as long as my last 60 hours of a GPA of 3.5 ok?


Thank you for your help.

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Yes, they will look at your overall GPA. Yes, you should continue to take typical science courses that are pre-req's for most PA schools, especially if you took them before & got bad grades. This may or may not boost your overall GPA depending on how many credits you have total, but you can at least keep demonstrating an upward trend in your grades, especially in the medically related science courses.

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It is my understanding that MEDEX will give wiggle room on several things, but that minimum score for classes is pretty firm.....meaning the classes that are REQUIRED for entry into the program. Pay attention to that. They do not set a min. overall GPA for the BCHS. They only set a min. score for their required pre entry course work. This means you can tank your organic chem, psychology, advanced basket weaving, physics, music class...whatevers. As long as you have solid scores in the classes they require. Now...bearing that in mind...they require some general science coursework. So if you did tank your organic chem, you need to take it again for a better score OR pick another science class.


MEDEX looks at the applicant on a much more whole basis than some programs. Let's say you do not excel in the classroom but you've been rocking the HCE... pen a solid personal statement, have some well spoken PA/MD friends write solid LORs, and go for it. I can speak from personal experience that it is an effective method of getting in. Well...that, and interviewing well. You've been a medic for that many years...surely you have learned how to smile while under stress.

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They do tend to overlook less than stellar GPA for high quality HCE and a pattern of academic success, but MEDEX is very multifactorial.


Also remember that nothing prepares you for PA school except PA school... meaning, no matter what you have juggled in the past, it will not compare to PA school. A lot of people make statements that "I have worked full time and taken full time school... that is why Im prepared to take on PA school...!" It is great, but it is hardly PA preparation.


In most cases the students that I have seen fail out are either not financially prepared or not emotionally prepared.

Academics play a role but if you are working instead of studying because of bills, then you may suffer. If your son just recently died, or you are going through a nasty divorce... sometimes it is best just to wait a year. MEDEX in its 40+ years will still be there!  


Also you have to be outgoing and you have to have a certain level of cohesion with the rest of the candidates. I remember one candidate that I had remembered the year before. He always gravitated to the corner of the room. He did not involve himself with any group conversations. I approached him trying to get something out of him (because we were from the same town) and all he had was short one line (or one word) answers.


So MEDEX is just not about pre-reqs and GPA... if you have them great! They stress at the beginning of each interview... if you made it to the interview... then you have pretty much equal ground with all the other candidates. They just really want to get to know you and see how you will fit with the class. You WILL depend on one or more of your classmates at some point for success.





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