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  1. Im not sure about federal prisons, but working at state prison I can say it is very litigious. I have patients tell me they are going to sue me on a weekly basis for not treating their "nerve pain" with gabapentin, or not treating their hernia because the large corporate office that hires us doesn't approve it. In my short experience here I'd say correctional medicine is the most litigious medical specialty. A reason I am trying to get out of prison med.
  2. It seems that over the years I’ve read many posts like this one, and have met PAs in family practice that have a wide range of pay. My initial conclusion is that practice owners just make a lot of money off of PAs and some are more or less willing to share the profits. Although when I read the PA owned practice section it seems like a lot of them do not make great money, and a lot of them wouldn’t be willing to do it again if they had the choice. I’m wondering what everyone’s opinion on this is. As a young PA and my wife graduating NP school next year, do you think we could make more money owning our own family practice clinic compared to working for the large hospital systems in my area? Also what do you think would be a good secondary masters degree that would aid in opening your own practice? Sorry for high jacking this post.
  3. My last interview was a 6 hour or so ordeal. Started formally with the regional medical director and DON head. Then he asked if I wanted to grab lunch with him. Then went and toured the prisons. All in all I got a long well with the Physician, and both of us are prior enlisted military so we had plenty to talk about.
  4. Obviously still drinking the fake news kool aid. Who owns the news paper and what are their special interest.
  5. Well said, but its unfortunate that you have to. In other words be a decent human being and dont treat people like shit. If you walk into your job thinking that you are above nurses, or that you are their boss, you've already messed up and deserve to be treated poorly. Long standing poor treatment of nurses for decades by physicians has created the culture that is present now. My grandmother was a new nurse when they were just starting to be allowed to wear colored scrubs. She said one physician told her she looked like a slut, because she was not wearing all white. I strongly believe the us vs them culture was started by physicians feeling that they are on another "level" than nurses, and later when PAs and NPs were added to the mix, they were on another "level" as well. Many studies show that the best healthcare is served on a team basis.
  6. This might be a stupid question, but how do you get the contracts to start doing these physical exams?
  7. This is the first I am hearing about Gaba causing problems with abuse. From what I just researched it appears it only makes patients opioid high more exacerbated, but does not actually have a euphoric effect itself. I have seen some patients do well on it. It seems that most patients coming off of opioids never have pain control no matter how many different medications we try. I personally think that most pain is psych related and control of it is limited by the patients expectations and threshold.
  8. Just curious what you consider “nursing fluff”?
  9. Pride comes before the fall. Its good to punt something to a specialist when your unfamiliar with it, doesn't waste the patients time (if you try to treat and get the diagnosis or treatment wrong you wasted their time anyway) and the specialist certainly doesn't mind the extra billing.
  10. Yet most NP have some type of inpatient experience such as med surg as an RN. While most people in my PA class have little to no experience at all. Im still not sure why so many PAs like to toot their own horn? My only inpatient experience was rounding post surgery and usually we admit them to hospital service to manage.
  11. I think you’d be surprised how many millennials don’t think like you. The liberal mass media just doesn’t show it.
  12. Took night and online school while in the military using TA and paying out of pocket for community college classes. Using my GI bill for PA school now. Will have 10 months left afterwards thinking about getting an MBA just to not waste it. My wife is going through NP school and were paying cash for her program. Well be in our mid 20's have no student loan debt, no car loans, and no credit cards when we graduate (been following Dave Ramsey for a long time as well) Suffered in the beginning to feel the rewards at the end. Sorry this didnt really contribute to the conversation, just wanted to brag. My roommate at my out of town rotation is a 3rd year medical school student with 450k in debt. Thats insane.
  13. This is the first time I've heard the phrase spiritual abuse. Almost finished with my program.
  14. I am not sure if this has been posted and apologize ahead of time if it has. I typed in best place under the search bar and went back a few pages before I gave up. I was curious as to if everyone can chime into great places to practice as a PA. Im mostly looking at comparing salary, COL, autonomy and respect for PAs in the region, jobs available and quality of life. I am currently going to school in Phoenix and I would rate this is as a pretty good place to be a PA. You can get a decent house in a good area for 200-300. You can live in the best area of town for 500. Taxes are low. Most PAs and NPs I meet enjoy their autonomy and respect. The pay is great. The NP I'm working with now just got 2 job offers for family medicine with one year experience for 140 and 130. He took the 130 one because it included 5 weeks of PTO and 1 week of sick time. I personally dont care for Phoenix due to the heat and lack of seasons. There is also a lot of ghetto areas, and schools are not the best. I know everyone says general regions such as north west or mid west when referencing places, but I am hoping for specific cities or towns.
  15. Thats unfortunate. I've met 3 amazing NPs that I've worked with. As a Corpsman I've met awesome PA's. As an LVN in San Diego I met two very shitty PA's. One of them saw patients off of the doctors panels, pretty much same day visits. She refused to see anyone over 80 and anyone under 10. She refused anyone with abdominal pain that wasnt new. She would finish most of the note including diagnosis before she went in and saw the patient. The other PA wasnt that bad, but I was a male stand by for her doing a Inguinial hernia exam and she had the patient lay down and then pretty much missed the entire inguinial canal (looked more like she was checking around the femoral area. She then said she didnt feel anything so here is some NSAIDS and you need to stretch. Just last week I saw a follow up patient in Family med that went to the UC and saw a PA. He was diagnosed with Viral Sinusitis x 3 days and then given amoxacillin. Some shitty PAs and NPs out there.
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