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    • My decision for PA or MD was not about whether or not I could, rather whether or not I should. For me, medicine was never "my passion." I highly enjoy it, love interacting with people (even difficult people - I don't know why I enjoy this but I do), and like to contribute to a greater goal. However, my passions lie outside of my job. Having worked for about a decade outside of medicine before making the switch, I learned through experience how much money and responsibility I needed in a career. You can only make the best decision for you with the information you have at this time. My advice? Do all of the pre-reqs for both paths while still in college and work for two years in the medical field before making a decision. I believe our society often forces one to make life/career decisions early on with little experiential knowledge. There is no rush. 
    • When asked about starting salary in an interview, what is the best way to not be the first to throw a number out. I cannot not find previous thread about this discussion. 
    • Hello, I recently just accepted a seat for the program. I was interviewed in late November. I was wondering, for the people who are accepting their seat, if you all have looked at housing or found apartments or houses to rent. I live in Michigan so I'm just wanting to figure out housing before the program starts in May. Thanks!
    • Congrats!! I've been using SMARTYPANCE to study for the PANCE. I've really enjoyed it and found it helpful, glad to see someone else has used it and been successful! 
    • I was younger when I started PA school at 24 and recently graduated. We will see how I feel in a couple years but right now I am extremely excited with my decision. I am coming out making a 6 figure salary in a low cost of living area working at an ER with tremendous opportunity for 1 on 1 education for the first 3 months and training plus opportunities to perform high level procedures up to transcutaneous pacing for heart blocks. I will also be cross trained and credentialed as a hospitalist as well during that time. All of this experience will allow me to demand an even high salary after completing my 2 year contract and have the lateral mobility to work in an ICU, hospitalist, ER, primary care or urgent care with relative ease.  As for education, I am a formal believer that even though I did not go to medical school, my patients relay on me to be as well trained as any MD or DO colleague. So I take it upon myself to constantly read and increase my medical knowledge, also I purposely choose a challenging field of medicine at a facility that respects PAs and understands their value.  So again, talk to me in a couple years but for now I am extremely excited about my future as an ER PA and would not change anything even if I could.