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  1. Yeah, the school I would like to apply to doesn't have a preference. As long as its HCE.
  2. Thank you! I have chosen the Phlebotomy route and I start in September! Thank you so much for helping me! Wish me luck in my journey!
  3. Hello! I too am embarking on this journey! Although you are advanced in having your B.S. Go to my thread, there are tons of suggestions that are extent helpful!!
  4. Good luck!!! Please keep me posted on your journey!
  5. I appreciate your spirit! Attitudes such as yours will keep me motivated throughout this exciting journey!!!
  6. You had mentioned, getting employment as an ER Tech. Please share some info. I'm about to undergo my undergrad journey to fulfill my goal of a PA. I am trying to find the best and most effective way to get HCE with some compensation. Also a mother, with a little bit of flexibility of my financial situation. If any suggestions on how to go about with my undergrad, and ore-recs.
  7. My Path: *Get Phlebotomy Certificate *Get Health care Experience, work on networking for references for PA program application. While getting income. * Complete Bachelors Degree in Biology for pre-rec. * Apply for PA Program. Is this a good plan? Does anyone have a better suggestion? Thanks!
  8. Positive affirmation is always a great thing! I also wish you the best of luck!
  9. UGlong, your book is on its way to my mailbox!! Thank you!
  10. Thank you so much for your advice and encouragements! It is very much appreciated!!The best of luck to you folks as well!
  11. Would it be wise to take the LPN program or an EMT then PA?
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