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  1. Same thing happened to me, already accepted another position anyway.
  2. There's a Comfort Inn in Ebensburg, 10 minutes from campus.
  3. Congrats!!! I interviewed there Wednesday...loved it there!
  4. Best of luck with your interview, JKidder. I am interviewing there next week, hopefully we'll be classmates in July!
  5. When are you interviewing? Good luck! I recently applied there,too, as a new program sounds exciting.
  6. Great school/reputation, nasty downtown Philly location.
  7. Any idea how many people are on the wait list?
  8. I, too, am on the wait list. I wish everyone who was accepted the best, and I hope to see you all there! Rodney Dutton
  9. Thank you! I am looking at UNE and also Kentucky's virtual campus now.
  10. Desperately need an A&P II class (a re-take for me, to improve my grade) finished by 5/31/2012---any ideas/suggestions? Thanks!
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