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What is your standard screening for STI's/STD's at your clinic?

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For the asymptomatic patient, do you check for every STI or a particular set? Is there any testing that you do that isn't done with serum/blood?









typically we don't screen for hepatitis, especially not hbv if they have an immunization history. Not sure why we don't typically screen for HCV.


also, any idea how long g/c and herpes can be latent before symptoms show?

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For males, gc urethritis usually presents in 3-7 days.


Males and females gc -proctitus and pharyngitis 3-14 days, arthritis 1-4 weeks. Meningiococemmia 1-2 weeks

Note. Women can have gc cervicitis and only mild cervical discharge which they do not think much of, unless developes PID


Herpes genitalis :one week male and female external : *****, groin, vulvolabiovaginitis.( ya gotta be kidding me, peni$ is filtered out??? Really???)

Okay, then phallus involvement in herpes is about on week

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cool question. ive pushed std screening at my place. many patients (young and geriatric) request it; and boy we have a lot of positives. we use quest or labcorp labs. this is my routine STD panel:


-herpes select for HSV I & HSV II, separately

-acute hepatitis panel

-RPR with FTA-ABS reflex

-U/A for G & C, DNA probe

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