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End of fee for service within 5 years....

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Yep. I hope that this is set in action.....



The stand-alone fee-for-service payment could disappear by the end of the decade if a plan newly released by the National Commission on Physician Payment Reform (NCPPR) is followed. The commission's members have issued a report they say details a series of sweeping recommendations aimed at reining in health spending and improving quality of care by fundamentally changing the way doctors are paid.

Chaired by former Robert Wood Johnson Foundation president Steven A. Schroeder, MD, with former Senator Majority leader Bill Frist, MD, as honorary chairman, the NCPPR is urging a transition over 5 years to a blended payment system that it says will yield better results for both public and private payers, as well as patients.

“We can’t control runaway medical spending without changing how doctors get paid,” Dr. Frist says. “This is a bipartisan issue. We all want to get the most from our healthcare dollars, and that requires re-thinking the way we pay for healthcare.”

“The way we pay doctors is profoundly flawed,” says Dr. Schroeder, who is the Distinguished Professor of Health and Healthcare at the University of California, San Francisco. “We need to move rapidly away from fee-for-service and embrace new ways of paying doctors that encourage cost-effective, high-quality care. The commission’s recommendations put us on that path.”

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