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  1. Thank you so so much, WWUViking1983, for all of that information - it helps so much! I'm glad to hear, first hand from a current student, that the competition isn't really there. That makes me feel great! I guess I just felt sort of intimidated that the program is ranked so highly, but now see that it shouldn't be a worry at all. I do definitely see your point about the time taking to dissect being a bit unecessary and very time consuming. Plus, I have already had that experience in my undergrad, and enjoyed it, but it's crunch time during PA school and I have to focus my time elsewhere. Th
  2. Benchprep.com!! Hands down. It's about $15 a month and it's (obviously) online. You input the date you want to take the exam and it breaks down the entire curriculum by how much you need to do each day. Does excellent math reviews, in my opinion. Felt welt prepared for the exam. And this is my opinion after doing two full length Kaplan books. Way too cumbersome and unnecessary.
  3. DREXEL UNIVERSITY vs. A.T. STILL UNIVERSITY I received my offers only a few days apart, ATSU before Drexel. Before any of my interviews, Drexel was my number one choice. Looking back, I had little basis for this, other than its reputation and I’ve got a friend who is a first student there who rants and raves about it. My first interview was at Drexel, so I was naturally very nervous. I had no clue what to expect, it was an all day experience and I felt brain fried and overwhelmed by the end. I thought I performed horribly during the individual interview (guess not, since I’ve been accepted
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