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New PA-C looking for alternative first jobs that lead to surgery--please advise

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I have been actively looking for general surgery/CT surgery jobs for 2 months, but I am limited by two realities: I am a new grad, and I can't move more than 30 miles outside my current location.


My question is, what type of position will best prepare me to switch over to a surgical job after a year or two of experience?


So far I'm considering:

- hospitalist

- urgent care/walk in

- ER


Since I'm new, I don't have much perspective on this...


Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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If you're looking for surgery you need to be in an inpatient environment. Hospitalist is the best bet for this. It may also offer you procedures and interactions with surgical consults.

A firm knowledge base of inpatient management of acutely ill patients is a good start for any job. In surgery you will be often managing medical comorbidities, and this experience will pay off.


Ultimately though you need a job that gets you in the OR and advancing your operative skills.

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I also have these  very questions! New grad here with a difficult time finding a surgery position but I am certain that is what I want to do. i've been offered a job in internal medicine in primary care setting. Do you believe this will help me transition into surgery in about 2 years time?

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