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Bachelors or masters

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This question is better suited to the Pre-PA Student section.


There is typically no difference in pay between a BS or MS PA. If you seek a master's degree, you ensure your ability to practice in any state. All programs must confer a master's degree as of 2020 (I think that's the year). As a US citizen, one who possesses any bachelor's degree is only eligible for Federal student aid if seeking a higher degree (e.g., master's degree). Beyond these, find the program where you fit best.


Best of luck.

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Kk...thank u...is it compulsory tht I do masters after my bachelors in pa.....

It would depend upon:

1) the requirements of the state for licensure http://www.aapa.org/uploadedFiles/content/Your_PA_Career/Licensing_and_Certification/Resource_Items/Requirements%20for%20Licensure%20_Summary%20Chart_%2011-22-11.pdf

2) hiring practices in your area, Some faclities or orgainzations may require the graduate degree.

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