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Accepted: Class of 2015

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I was asked by Mrs. Christensen and Professor Butler to go ahead and make a Facebook page for the class of 2015. I know I have talked to a few of you and suggested it, but as far as they knew it hadn't been created yet. I know it helped our class to get to know each other before class started, and there will be some of the class of 2014 in the group to answer questions that you may have about the program and the area. I know our class still uses our page heavily to talk about issues that have come up within the class. The group will be closed, so just request to be added. Original credit goes to Jayce who allowed me to use our group as the template....




I believe Mrs. Christensen will also send an email out to all of you.

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Texas Tech Explores Options For PA Program 7/10/13


Lauren Lanmon


July 10, 2013


Midland - The Midland College PA program could soon be a thing of the past. Sources tell CBS 7 that the board of regents has already notified faculty that their jobs would be in Lubbock. CBS 7 reached out to multiple leaders and received nothing but surprise and confusion. CBS 7 finally received confirmation when Texas Tech officials gave us a statement that they were looking at a change to the program.


“It just kind of came out of the blue, they made the decision and boom, that was it,” said Midland County Commissioner Robert Donnelly.


“Midland College has heard those rumors too but only rumors and haven’t heard anything official from Texas Tech,” said Midland College Public Information Officer Rebecca Bell.


Others have also been caught off guard; we reached out to Texas Techs Board of Regents member Mickey Long who says he hasn’t been involved in any type of conversation that has to do with moving the PA Program. However advisory board members here in Odessa say that’s not the case.


“I think it has already been approved by the Board of Regents at this point because they already redirected the teachers and I think they will absorb the students there,” said Donnelly.


There are already 60 students committed to the program at Midland College, by moving the program it could really impact the regions hospitals.


“We depend a lot on the PA’s in the area because our physician recruitment is low, and that’s a problem that is going to continue to happen because it’s hard to get doctors to come to West Texas,” said Donnelly.


Both Bell and Donnelly say some of the reasons that could cause this move would be the problems with temporary housing, but more than that Donnelly says there was a lack of communication between the two areas.


“We didn’t have very good representation to our advisory board on the program and that is one of the things that we were most smitten about because we didn’t know. The thing is, if you don’t know about the problems you can’t solve them,” said Donnelly.


In the statement released to CBS 7, Texas Tech did say that they are planning to hold a press conference next Wednesday, July 17 to talk about this very issue.

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I asked Banuchi to take a look at the IPs and make sure they were all from different sources.  I figured the troll might be trying to stir up things through multipe accounts.  The following is what Banuchi posted in another thread.  If you look they have been banned for using the same IP.  


Suspicious Activity and Lock on the following accounts:















Problem:  All accounts logged under 1 IP address.  Same User.

Solution: If you feel this has been done in error, you may call 561-235-0718 and leave a message as to your account username and full name.  It will be reviewed.

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