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Opinions on whether or not i will get in?!??!

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Yo. Right now i'm a junior at a small christian school in Illinois, Olivet Nazarene University, which has a pretty well known bio program. I've got a 3.5 GPA and it is steadily rising as I have been getting all A's this semester and from here on out after I had a recent change of motivation, which should put me at a 3.75ish by the time i graduate. I will be getting a B.A. in Biology and double minoring in chemistry and sociology. I've taken all the prerequisites, medical terminology, biochemistry, cadaver lab, and will take developmental and nutrition. I will be going on a medical missions trip to Papau New Guinea for 3-4 weeks in May, so I'm hoping that will give me a really good edge on the competition. I should be able to graduate by December 2013, spend the spring of 2014 getting certified for EMT or paramedic, and then spend a year and a half working as an EMT or a paramedic before going to school. Assuming i do well on the GRE, what are my chances for getting in?


Also....... Affirmative action. I'm a white male. Someone please shed some light on me and tell me I'm wrong in thinking that being a white male will set me back in the competition.


'Preciate any thoughts, comments, criticisms (keep it constructive please), and anything else you deem necessary to tell me about.

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