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Preceptors in OAHU, HAWAII?

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Happy Thanksgiving, forum folk!


I am a PA student at UNE in Portland, Maine; I am looking to do a 6 or 12 week rotation in Oahu, Hawaii (my boyfriend is stationed at Pearl Harbor) and was curious if anyone knows of a wonderful preceptor, or could comment at all about clinics in Oahu. Or even if anyone has a friend in Oahu who I could connect with.


Thank you for taking the time to read this! :=D:

Crossing my fingers,


kblum@une.edu (feel free to shoot me an email if you feel inclined!)

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I am actually from Hawaii and I'm applying to PA school this upcoming cycle. I've been trying to find PAs to shadow and it's really hard for non-students but maybe it'll be easier for you. Some places I know that have PAs doing rotations include Waikiki Health Center and Tripler Army Medical Center (Pacific University uses these for their rotations now, among other places). If your boyfriend is in the military, it would be even better for you to try Tripler. But from what I've heard from former students, it's pretty difficult to secure preceptors here especially if you're not from Hawaii originally. You could also try Straub Clinics (I heard they have PAs) or Kaiser. Queen's Medical Center, the biggest hospital in Hawaii, doesn't really use PAs too much but it doesn't hurt to try. Good luck! 

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