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A Great Course Series in ACLS

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Following one of the Leaders

by Bob Blumm, MA, RPA-C, DFAAPA - November 5, 2012 Bookmark and Share


Every serious student of emergency services and those who have taken an ATLS course may have heard of a physician called Ken Grauer. Ken is a fabulous physician and has been involved in the study of resuscitation of the human heart and in the study of cardiac anatomy and physiology. Ken was part of the core faculty in Family Medicine at UF Gainesville, Florida. Recently Ken has developed a series of ECG/ACLS materials of interest to interdisciplinary groups of health care providers of all levels and experience. I will mention the names of these publications and you can contact the website or e-mail the company or get involved in a free blog.

ECG-2011-Pocket Brain plus two new AHA ACLS Guidelines= ACLS-2011-PB and ACLS Practice Code Scenarios as well as user friendly ACLS-2011-PDF File that combines both books and can be ordered in bulk for discount. Ask Ken about the Free Educational ECG Blog that is a worthy addition to your browsing if you are in the business of saving lives. These offerings are also available on Kindle. If you are involved as a teacher of ECG’s he has developed an ECG-PDF Course and may just have completed a series of objective exams to assess ECG Competency.

As a PA who has practiced 16 of his years in the ER on a PT basis and as a surgical provider I have learned the need of an interesting, engaging and yet simple course or courses that print an indelible image in your brain which helps you to be among the best team ;leaders or responders. You need to follow the leader , in this case; Ken Grauer, MD (KG/EKG Press, Professor Emeritus

Website: http://www.kg-ekgpress.com

E-Mail: ekgpress@mac.com

Free Educational ECG Blog: http://www.ecg-interpretation.blogspot.com

Let this short article make a difference in the way that you practice medicine.

Warmly, Bob Blumm



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