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Question About A&P Pre-Req

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In my freshman year of college I took Anatomy & Physiology 1 + Lab and received an A and a C respectively, the course designation was BSC1093 (BSC1093L for the Lab). The following semester I took Anatomy & Physiology 2 + Lab and received a 2 B's, the course designation was BSC 1094 (BSC 1094L for the Lab). I made the rookie mistake of taking a two different professors for A&P lecture and lab which resulted in a lackluster grade for the A&P 1 lab.


Looking at the course level of 1000 for these A&P 1 and 2, would those classes satisfy the requirement for the A&P sequence for PA school or would it be be necessary to take them at a higher level (2000)?


If it isn't necessary to take at a higher level would it be prudent to do so in order to offset the C in A&P 1 lab and the B's in the A&P 2 sequence? I passed Biology for Majors (BSC 2010- basically Bio 1) and co-requisite lab with 1 98 and 95 respectively.


Any sort of guidance that can be provided would be much appreciated.



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I believe you most likely took Intro to A & P 1 and 2. Schools want above "Intro" level classes. Your Bio is fine. I don't think these would satisfy the requirement.


I would take a 200 or 300 level Anatomy and Physiology sequence. You will need to be up to date anyways on these subjects!



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