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Trying to Shadow a PA in the Houston Area.

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Hi, Can anyone help me out and tell me the best way get in contact with any PA's in the Houston/Woodlands Area?


I also have some other quiestions that I hope someone can answer...

So i work at a mental health clinic in Houston and thats basically all the experience I have.. Do yall think that's good enough? Its an inpatient facility so i am around patients all the time interacting with them... I recently graduated with a BA in Psych in May and I have decided to continue my tudies in the Medical Field and take like 6 pre reqs at UH in January to apply to UTMB in July.. Do yall think i need to make straight A's since I dont have a Biology background???

Also, does anyone know whats the desired GPA for UTMB? I know the higher the better but I barely have a 3.0 so im hoping I do really good on my preqs so my gpa can be better...

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