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West Coast - Texas 2024-2025 Cycle

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I am a current student at West Coast and I can confidently say that I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. More importantly, I think the school is doing an incredible job at preparing us to pass the PANCE and become successful PAs. The first cohort completed much of their didactic year online during COVID, which would be extremely difficult. Also, there will absolutely be things to work out in any school’s first year of being open. However, I think the fact that West Coast won the Texas Challenge Bowl last year against all other Texas PA schools, as well as the fact that we placed 4th out of 96 PA schools across the country a few weeks ago speaks for the hard work and excellent preparation that is being done at West Coast. All that to say, I would recommend you apply! At the interview, you will get to see how truly special our school and professors are, as well as how dedicated the students in each cohort are at becoming the best PAs they can be.

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I am a current PA student from West Coast's 3rd cohort. The first cohort like Mttweety stated had their didactic done online. Because of the online state, all of the original faculty at the start of the program had left. We currently have a completely different staff including a different dean. In addition, the first cohort learned the cardio module within the first 3 months of PA school and now the course content is completely restructured. Our school won FIRST AND SECOND place in the TAPA bowl but one school can not claim multiple positions. 

I completely understand how the PANCE scores are alarming, I would recommend anyone interested to attend a virtual online info session or take a tour on campus. I would also pay attention to the 2nd year student's PANCE scores next year if you are applying later. 

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