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Hello everyone:


It seems that occasionally we forget the rules....because of a few heated threads I would like to once again remind everyone of the rules here. The thread moderators have been trying to be judicious in moderating these threads, but they are human too....so once more here are the rules. Please follow them:


Although the administrators and moderators of The PA Forum will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of The PA Forum, nor vBulletin Solutions, Inc. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.




Our forum is not a moderated forum, which means that all posts are immediately online. We cannot watch the content of our forum 24/7. Therefore, some basic rules must be established.

*PROFILE & EMAIL*--- You agree that your profile will be true and that your email remain updated. If your email is no longer in use, the system will get a bounceback and your account will be deleted automatically. Please make sure that your email is a working email. Any account found to have false or incomplete information will be deleted WITHOUT NOTICE! Bounced emails lead to our domain being blacklisted by email servers. Accounts that get deleted CANNOT be re-activated and all information related to that account will be lost.

*ACCOUNTS*--- One account per person/I.P. Address. Anyone found with multiple accounts will have BOTH accounts banned. If for some reason you accidentally created another account. Please contact me at Michael@PhysicianAssistantForum.Com and notify me within 24 hours.

*CHOOSE CORRECT TITLE* --- When registering, please make sure that you choose the correct title for your account. For example, if you are a pre-pa, do not choose "Physician Assistant." Some may believe that it is not a big deal what you choose, but I'm informing you now that your account will automatically be deleted if it is false. In choosing the correct title, you are allowing the membership understand the point of view of your posts and shows respect to the PA Forum and it's membership.

*THREADS & POSTS*--- DO NOT ASK FOR YOUR POSTS TO BE DELETED. THEY ARE HERE TO STAY, THEREFORE, "THINK" BEFORE YOU POST! This request is the most self-centered request I get. First of all, if you are reading this, you're probably learning the hard way that you should READ those forum rules before you accept them. Secondly, to ask a question on this site and then have people spend their time to answer you and then just pull your original post is rude to the rest of the members as well as the PA Forum itself. Can you imagine if everyone pulled their original post after "they" got their answer? Did you enjoy reading the other posts on the website? It was nice not having the original post removed, right? Remember, YOU are responsible for the content of your POST.

*BEFORE YOU POST, SEARCH* swer is probably somewhere out there already if you just take a minute to look. Before posting a new question, always do a search first. Your question might have already been posted and answered on this site. All of the individuals helping out and answering questions around here are volunteers. By trying out this method before asking a question, you'll save hours of time that could have been wasted constantly answering the same questions multiple times.

*KEEP IT PLEASANT*--- Do not troll. Always be polite and courteous in your posts, even if you do not agree with another member. Do not post racist, sexist or prejudiced remarks or comments. Do not spam the forum with useless or off-topic nonsense. Do not flame other members or post anything that has a good chance of being taken in a bad way. Remember, the internet is emotionless and we don't always know when you are being sarcastic. Do not participate in flaming wars. DO NOT post political threads to incite anger or simply to "make a point" about your political stance. All political posts must relate to medicine/healthcare. Any posts not following these rules will result in automatic deletion of the post and immediate banning WITHOUT notice.

*KEEP IT ON THE SITE*--- Please do not post asking for an answer to be sent to you via email. Problems and their responses assist others who read them. Please refrain from responding to people's questions via email for the same reason. Moderators may snip email addresses out of such posts without notice.

*KEEP IT LEGAL*--- Keep it clean and do not post inappropriate material or links to it. In addition, do not post anything related to illegal acts. Please remember to abide by all HIPPA policy. For more information regarding HIPPA policy, please visit: http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/hipaa/

*CENSORING*--- There is a profanity filter on this site but it is not all encompassing. I would like to assume that since you are either a professional or going to become one soon, that you would refrain from any online profanity. We encourage free exchange of ideas, but we also expect the exchange to be civil.

*POST IN THE CORRECT PLACE*--- There are more than enough forums here for everyone to find somewhere suitable to post. Please take the extra minute to make sure you are correctly posting in the correct place. Every question or new thought should have its own thread. Replies to a previous post should be thread replies to that particular thread. Do not piggyback threads by posting your question as a reply to another question. Any threads in an unsuitable forum will be moved to another at the administrator's/moderator's discretion. This has to be my biggest problem on the site. Anyone not adhering to this particular rule on multiple occasions will be asked to leave.

*POST SPECIFIC THREAD TITLES*--- Threads with titles that are too broad or do not correctly describe the post may be altered with or without notification. Do not post threads with generic subjects such as "HELP ME" or "PROBLEM". Instead, clearly state a phrase describing the problem as the thread's title. For example, if a thread is called "Help me!" it doesn't provide much information whereas a thread titled, "Need help with application process!"...would work much better.

*DO NOT FLOOD THE FORUM*--- Do not flood the forum posting the same question in multiple forums, or multiple ways. All that happens is it gets confusing. It's a lot easier for everyone to get the answers they need if everything is kept in one place. If you flood the forum, you will be instantly banned from the site...no exceptions.

*NO ADVERTISING*--- Please do not advertise anything. Do not use your signature to advertise. If I "think" you are trying to advertise without going through the proper channels, you will be banned. If you are interested in advertising, please visit our advertising site- http://shinyads.com/advertise/604 and choose which ad location you would like.

*MULTIPLE REGISTRATIONS*--- One account per person. All accounts are logged as per your IP address. If multiple accounts are detected, BOTH accounts may get deleted.

*ACCOUNT DELETIONS*--- If you desire to have your account removed, all personal information in your profile will be removed, and the account will be placed into an inactive status category to maintain the integrity of the forum flow of posts and threads. The account may not be deleted and this is up to the discretion of the forum owner. All your posts and threads as indicated above will remain intact and not removed or deleted. Your account may be placed inactive due to the following situations: (1) You fail to verify your account within 30 days of creation. Remember to check your SPAM inbox for our email if you feel you should have received the email verification and did not. (2) If you fail to follow any of the above mentioned rules, the PA Forum staff may remove your account without warning. (3) If you have not visited the forum within the last 2 years, your account automatically will be removed. This helps keep the member directory fresh. (4) Your email "bounces" meaning that our servers cannot reach the account anymore. To avoid account deletion, please make sure you keep your email updated. Once the accounts have been deleted, they cannot be reinstated. (5) If you want the account deleted. The discretion of whether to delete an account or make it inactive with personal info removed remains the right of the forum owner.

Thank you for abiding by the forum rules. Failure to follow the rules may result in immediate removal from the PA Forum. Ignorance to the rules is not a reason not to follow them. Use common sense. Thank you and enjoy!

-Michael A. Banuchi, MPH, PA-C




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