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Pharmacology books

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If I were you (and I didn't have any practical pharm experience from HCE) I wouldn't worry so much about the actual pharmacology. If you want to do something, pick up a good nursing drug reference (like Lippincott) and just familarize yourself with the names of drugs in different theraputic classes and the conditions they are used to treat. Knowing that will be half the battle when you get to pharm in PA school.


I honestly don't know how helpful it would be without the underlying pathophysiology, but another option would be to pick up an EMS pharm book like Jeff Guy's Pharmacology For The Prehospital Professional. Obviously this skews toward the acute care drugs, but they are important too.


A more productive use of your time, both for pharm and for clinical medicine, would be to get your physiology DOWN. Know your autonomic nervous system inside and out. Know how cholesterol is metabolized. The hypothalamic-pituitary-axis should be your best friend. Know normal respiratory physiology and all the points where something can go wrong…same thing with the cardiac cycle. If you feel up to tackling renal physiology on your own, go for it, but at least go over it so the names of everything are familiar.

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