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Application Cycle 2023 - 2024

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17 hours ago, LoadingPAC said:

Does anyone who has interviewed already remember how long they said before we would hear back?

They didn’t say, they just said we would hear back soon! I’m hoping the beginning of August we’ll hear something because when they got back to applicants last year. 

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Hello everyone! I participated in the interview held on the afternoon of July 31st, and it was a fantastic experience. I am thrilled to share that I received an acceptance letter a few days ago! To those still waiting for their interview, I wish you the best of luck and hope we can all meet soon as part of the cohort.

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From a current student:

To everyone recently accepted, congrats!! The professors and PA faculty all want you to succeed and will prioritize your issues. 

This program is expensive since it's private. I will be graduating with around $175k of debt not including interest, which interest starts right away. I took out max FAFSA loans to pay for cost of living.

If you choose to go here, plan to NEVER receive your FAFSA loan refunds on time. This is not the program's fault, it's the school's. We're supposed to get our refunds 2 weeks after the first day of class each semester but we end up waiting 3-5 weeks instead, every semester. 

Buy Pance Prep Pearls because the main class professor uses it. 

Be ready to study your butt off!! I learned so well in the first few weeks. Over time, I started procrastinating, but when its days before the test, I would study 15-20 hours the weekend before. Would've been much less stressful if I just a little bit studied every day. Don't be stressed about failing- as long as you're studying a TON, just like everyone else in the class, you'll do fine. If you fail a test, you'll be able to retake it but the maximum grade you'll get is a 70 after retaking.

Tips: -Not required, but get an ipad for anatomy app Visible Body and for note taking. -Don't say anything to anyone that you wouldn't want the professors to hear. Everything always gets back to them. -New to the area?: look for places to live in Metairie, it's safer and less expensive. -Don't wear your school scrubs when you're out drinking. Nola is a small community and people have called the program to complain about students acting wild in public. -Study resources Rosh Review, Osmosis, and UpToDate, are included with the program, so use them, especially Rosh. 

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