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PA student withdrawal - chance for reapplication?

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Hi there,

I am a PA student who has to withdraw on her 3rd semester because of a family crisis. I have a few Ws on my transcripts, but overall my gpa is about 3.0. 

I would consider re-entering my school but I need to relocate in order to accommodate and take care of my family. My current school is very supportive of me applying to another PA program, but I am having difficult explaining it on CASPA. 

Is there anything I can ask for my current school to strengthen my application? The last thing I want the programs to think is that I failed out school. 

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45 minutes ago, UGoLong said:

One thought is to get a letter of recommendation from someone at your school like the PA program director or your faculty advisor. They can talk about why you're leaving and what your performance was.

Good luck.

I can certainly ask for it. Do you think it would help a lot? 

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14 hours ago, Caveatemptor said:

I can certainly ask for it. Do you think it would help a lot? 

Most definitely. It could help establish that you're didn't flunk out and they can talk about how you actually did in PA school, which would be good information for another program down the line. Everything else in your package is used to infer how you might do. Here you have evidence of how you actually did.

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